Outdoor Pool Umbrellas – From $2600 inc GST

High Quality Cantilever style pool umbrellas with Revolving base and Dual canopy that is designed to increase the air circulation beneath the umbrellas.

Tropicover Pool Umbrellas are manufactured in Australia with high quality materials – Umbrellas that are made to last for long after our 5 year warranty.

Tropicover Umbrellas has pioneered the cantilevered side-post umbrella production in Australia since 1992 with it’s range of premier quality umbrellas for the use around pool and spas in variety of fashionable fabric colours, shapes and sizes, the umbrellas rotate 360 degree around the revolving base – to cover larger area of the pool, giving you 100% protection from the sun.

Our umbrellas are wind tested and engineer certified with an exclusive 5 year warranty.

Commercial Pool Umbrellas

Tropicover Umbrellas manufacture and supply heavy-duty high quality umbrellas to Hotels, Resorts, Sport centres and other highly used pool environments. Our customers rely on the durability of our outdoor umbrellas.

We have a wide choice of canopy colours and also frame colour options & combinations to choose from.

Our outdoor commercial umbrella frame is made from heavy-duty powder coated aluminium and galvanised steel materials. Tropicover Umbrellas uses stainless steel marine grade components, parts and connectors.

  • Umbrella canopy is made of durable Marine Grade Material – waterproof, exceptional wear and stability, resist fading, sanitised against mould and mildew.
  • Our outdoor shade umbrella canopy have max UV Protection – 100% Sun-block

We have a range of different umbrella bases and fixings to choose from.

Please contact us for more information about our Public-Inground base for cantilever style commercial pool umbrellas.

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