Patio Umbrellas for the Deck or Garden – From $2600 inc GST

Tropicover Patio Umbrellas are manufactured in Australia with highest quality materials that are made to last long after our 5 year warranty

Tropicover has pioneered the cantilevered side-post umbrella production in Australia since 1992 with it’s range of premier quality umbrellas for use around patio, deck and garden in variety of fashionable fabric colours shapes and sizes, the umbrellas rotate 360 degree from the revolving base – to keep you out of the sun and rain, giving you 100% UV protection.

Umbrella canopy is made of durable Marine Grade Material – fabric is totally waterproof and has a specially constructed top surface which has created a fabric with exceptional wear and stability, formulated with the highest quality UV inhibitor, it will resist fading in all conditions and it is sanitised against mould and mildew.

Unique concept of side post & dual canopy in outdoor lifestyle umbrellas.

The dual canopy design increases the air circulation beneath it and keeps cool underneath.

Our outdoor shade umbrella canopy have max UV Protection – 100% Sun-block.

Umbrella is easy to open and close via winder, umbrella will closed into vertical compact shape and easily could be removed and stored away. Umbrella cover is available to protect the umbrella when closed and not in use.

Tropicover umbrellas are wind rated and certified by a structural engineer and come with an exclusive 5 year warranty.

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