Umbrella Shapes & Sizes

Square, Octagonal and Rectangular Umbrellas.

Umbrella models, shapes and sizes information (below) together with installation information is also available as a PDF for easy printing.

Click here to download the PDF

Square and rectangular umbrellas sizes are measured from side to side and the Octagonal (8 sides) umbrellas sizes are measured by their diameter.

Square and rectangular umbrellas have the option of where the post can be positioned – Post on Right or Post on Left (see below D and E).

Rectangular umbrellas have other option of the post location – Post on the narrow side (see below F and G).

Umbrella skirting or ‘Valance’ is also available as an option.

Umbrellas available in Commercial heavy-duty frame

Umbrellas supplied are fully assembled and include standard umbrella base; In-Ground base or Bolt-Down plate, information of other optional bases available in options for umbrella bases.











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