Umbrella Bases

See our different umbrella bases to suit your installation location.

Tropicover Outdoor Umbrellas are designed to be used in every situation, the revolving base allows you to rotate the umbrella 360° to keep you out of the sun and rain.

Easy to follow instructions “How to set-up the umbrella” see Installation Instructions and Technical Information are included with the umbrella so you can do it yourself.

Tropicover Umbrellas include a standard base: Bolt-Down (B.D) base plate for concrete floor and timber deck or In-Ground (I.G) base to be sunk into concrete into soil. The other option is to place the umbrella on our ‘H’ base (small umbrella) or Mobile base with castors and brakes.

Standard Bases



Other base options available:

  • B.D. for Timber Deck – to fit on top of timber floor beams
  • Fitting Bolts – For Concrete Floor: set of Drop-In Anchors, Stainless Bolts and washers.
  • Side B.D – Bracket attached to base plate, for solid low retaining wall.
  • H Stand – Base on Castors with Brakes for small umbrella
  • Mobile – Base on Castors with Brakes for large umbrella
  • Public I.G – for removed umbrella in public places

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