How to Extend the Life and Appearance of Your Tropicover Umbrellas

Care & Maintenance

If you maintenance regularly your umbrellas you will get many years of benefit from your investment and you will enjoy for ever the shade and keep the sun away….

Marine Grade Fabric is totally waterproof and has a specially constructed top surface, which has created a fabric with exceptional wear and stability. Formulated with highest quality UV inhibitor.

  1. Wind the umbrella half way so you can start from the top canopy.
  1. Hose normal pressure the canopy so it will clean and remove all dirt, dust and bird shit.

Allow canopy to dry completely before closing the umbrella.

  1. If you have spot or marks that are still there, use soft brush with a bit soap (PH natural detergent) and fresh water.
  1. Make sure your Tropicover umbrellas completely dry before closing down the umbrella and putting on the warp bag cover.

This will keep your umbrella clean for next use and extend material life.

Also,  its very important and effective when umbrella getting used in the RAIN. Don’t close the umbrella wet as it will growth mold and mildew.

  1. We offer protective Warp bag cover, custom made to all our Tropicover umbrellas size and shapes.

You can stored the umbrella when not in use for long time or if you going away and also when umbrella just close its will keep material and stitches from hit sun.

Our warp bag cover is very easy to use on and off as we have aluminum pole inside so you don’t need to climb on chair up and down…