Outdoor umbrellas – How to choose the right umbrella for your needs


As living and entertaining spaces become more popular, designers and homeowners are looking for new and innovative ways to transform their outdoors into comfortable, beautiful and distinctive entertainment areas.

When you start searching for an umbrella, you may be surprised to find how many umbrellas are available in the marketplace, with wide variety of options in terms of shape, size and design.

Things to Look Out For!

You will find lots of cheap umbrellas available in the marketplace; with a majority of these cheap brands made in China. You don’t want to buy cheap. Think of this purchase as an investment, you want to look for quality material, presentation of warranty and confirm it’s an Australia made product and owned business.

Choosing the Umbrella that suits you

1. Measure – It’s important to factor in the size of the area you want to cover.

2. Shape – What shape would you like? Square, Octagonal or Rectangular

3. Base – What suits your home & environment? In-ground or bolt down? Wooden deck? Mobile base?

4. Colours – Would you prefer frame and canopy colours? There are many colours option so ensure you choose the colours that match your outdoor décor and living space.

We can help you pick the right size and shape. Just call us or email us a photo of your outdoor areas and we will advise you with the best solution for your needs.