5 Benefits of Cantilever Outdoor Umbrellas

cantilever outdoor umbrellas

The cantilever umbrella (also called an offset or side post umbrella) is the most versatile and effective outdoor shade solution available. Whether you care more about style or function, cantilever outdoor umbrellas have you covered.

Here are five outstanding benefits of a cantilever umbrella.

1.     Protection from harmful UV rays

Umbrellas are an excellent way to stay shaded and protected from UV rays. A US study found that a standard umbrella can block at least 75% of UV rays, while sun umbrellas eliminate 99%.

2.     Enhance the ambience with a classy look

Complete the look of your garden with a stylish and modern cantilever umbrella. There are many vivid colours and fabrics to choose from. These are easy to incorporate into any modern design scheme, so get creative!

3.     Extensive range of shapes and sizes available

The shape of a cantilever umbrella plays a big part in its visual appeal. Square and rectangular cantilever outdoor umbrellas are popular with trendy cafes and restaurants. Conversely, circular and Octagonal umbrellas give a more traditional look. Whatever look you’re going for, there are a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from.

4.     Ideal for backyards, gardens and pool areas

Take back your yard and garden from the sun and wind with a large cantilever umbrella. These patio umbrellas cover a large area, perfect for garden parties and barbecues.

Pool umbrellas are especially important because your skin is much more exposed when you go swimming. The offset design of a cantilever side post umbrella means that it can easily reach over pools. It can also rotate 360 degrees to provide shade wherever else you need it.

5.     Convenient setup and installation

A cantilever umbrella is easy enough to install without professional help. All you have to do is fit the base, set the umbrella on it and then dress the canopies on the umbrella frame. Cantilever outdoor umbrellas have a convenient crank for opening and closing them with minimal effort.

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