3 ways outdoor umbrellas can be used commercially

3 ways to use commercial umbrellas

Commercial umbrellas are the perfect addition to any business with an outdoor component. From alfresco dining to playgrounds to hotel swimming pools, a commercial grade umbrella can offer many benefits to both the business and its patrons.

1.    Café and Restaurant Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor dining can be a wonderful way to enjoy a meal. However, weather troubles such as sun, wind and rain can ruin an otherwise perfect experience. Whether just stopping by for a coffee or a three-course meal, all patrons will benefit from the shade and shielding that outdoor commercial umbrellas provide.

Commercial umbrellas for restaurants can also be printed with your business’s logo or colour scheme. This reinforces your branding and serves as a billboard to catch people’s eye at a distance.

2.    Universities, Schools and Kindergarten Outdoor Umbrellas

Kindergartners and school children can spend over an hour outside each day. Since young children aren’t the most sun-safety-conscious, large commercial umbrellas are an important way to keep them shaded while they learn and play.

High school and university students need covered areas to eat, socialise and study between classes. Providing sun and rain shelter over grassy or seated areas will free up other locations such as stairways and building entrances.

3.    Hotel and Resort Outdoor Umbrellas

If there’s one thing most hotels and resorts have in common, it’s pools. Whether taking a refreshing dip or lounging in a deck chair, a hotel pool has a way for everyone to relax. However, most swimming costumes expose a lot of bare skin to the sun, and sunscreen can partially wash off in the water. Installing commercial umbrellas will keep your guests cool and protected while enjoying themselves.

Rooftop areas can offer spectacular views, but patrons may be less inclined to use them without strong wind protection. Again, umbrellas can provide the shielding you need so everyone can take the holiday snaps they’ll remember for years to come.

Commercial Umbrellas for Sale

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